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Auto-Prioritize queries with AI on Helpwise

Ensure every customer query is prioritized with Helpwise AI.
Abhinash Daulaguphu
Updated 10 months ago
Helpwise recently released its innovative AI-powered Priority feature. Helpwise's AI-powered Priority marks the priority of the conversation from the ongoing conversation context, helping support teams to look into high-priority customer conversations at the earliest such that no urgent query goes unnoticed.

In this article, we will outline about AI-Powered Conversation Priority in Helpwise and how to configure this feature. 
How can this feature help you in your workflows?
  • AI-Powered Priority: Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, the system intelligently analyzes conversations, considering factors such as keywords, sentiment analysis, and customer behaviour patterns, to automatically mark priority to any conversations. This automation saves valuable time and ensures that critical issues receive prompt attention.
  • Manual Conversation Prioritization: Helpwise also allows customers to manually prioritize conversations across various communication channels. Whether it's emails, chat, SMS, WhatsApp, or other inboxes, users have the flexibility to identify and focus on the most important discussions. This feature puts users in control, enabling them to effectively manage their communication channels and allocate their attention where it's most needed.
How to configure this feature for your inbox?
1. Helpwise's AI-powered priority features are available for advanced plans and above.
2. Helpwise's AI-powered priority is currently available for email inboxes (Coming soon for other inboxes). The manual priority marking option is available for all Helpwise inboxes.
3. Premium and Standard plan users can only manually set the priority. These users can enable AI-powered automatic priority by adding the addon.

Follow these steps to configure Helpwise's AI-Powered Priority:
Step 1: Navigate to the inbox settings from the inbox view.
Step 2:
Enable the Auto Prioritize setting option
Step 3: You are all set! Helpwise's AI-Powered Priority will automatically mark priority to any conversations.
Step 4: You can then accordingly change the priority from the conversation list or the conversation thread.
Updating priority marking in the conversation listUpdating priority marking in the conversation thread viewEmbrace the potential of these updates and unlock a new level of customer satisfaction. Start utilizing Helpwise's AI-Powered Priority feature today!

Note: Helpwise AI-powered priority features are currently in beta testing and powered by APIs developed by JustCall IQ.

If you have any queries about Helpwise's AI-Powered Priority or anything around Helpwise, feel free to contact our live chat support or email at help@helpwise.io

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