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Create and Manage Tags

How to effectively use tags in Helpwise.
Ankita Agarwal
Updated 1 year ago
Tags Overview

Tags are essentially labels that you can attach to conversations to help categorize them and make them easier to find later. One conversation can have multiple tags associated with it.

Here's what you can do with tags:
1. Categorize conversations
2. Filter / search basis tags applied
3. Use tags as folders - pin and unpin important tag folders
4. Set up rules to tag conversations automatically
5. View reports on tags to identify trends, team performance etc.

Note: When you connect a Gmail or Office 365 account as an inbox in Helpwise, your labels in Gmail and folders in Office 365 will automatically sync to Helpwise as tags.

Creating tags

Step 1:
To create a new tag, click on Manage> Tags from the top navigation panel

Step 2:
Click Add New on the top right corner of the page.

Step 3:
Give a name for your tag and select the inbox you wish to add the tag to. Choose a color to help differentiate it from others. You can also select any custom colour by selecting the blue box to the left of 'custom'.
Step 4:
Hit on "create" to save the tag.

You can also create tags directly from within a conversation.

Step 1:
To create a new tag, click on the "Tags" icon in the top right corner of the conversation.
Step 2:
Select "new tag." Give your tag a name and choose a color to help differentiate it from other tags.

Step 3:
Hit on "create" to save the tag.

Using Tags as Folders
You can use the sidebar to quickly access conversations with specific tags on them.
Click on a specific tag to see the conversations belonging to it.

Pinning Tag Folders

Pinning a tag in Helpwise is particularly useful for important messages that require follow-up or ongoing attention. By pinning the tag, you can easily find and track these messages without having to search every time.

All you have to do is hover on the tag that you wish to pin and select the pin icon.

To unpin the tag you can simply click on the pin icon to unpin.

Note: You can configure whether you want to view all the conversations in the tag folders, or only the active (non-closed) ones through Manage> Inboxes > Customize inbox view.

Tagging a conversation

Step 1:
Select the conversation you want to tag and click on the "Tags" icon.

Step 2:
Click the tag name you want to apply from the dropdown menu. You can also apply multiple tags at once if necessary. To do so, select the checkboxes as applicable and hit on 'Apply'

Managing Tags

a. Editing Tags

Step 1:
To edit the tag, click on Manage > Tags.
Step 2:
Hover on the tag and click on the edit icon to edit the tag.

Step 3:
Now, you can change the name of the tag, change the inbox or add some color to the tag.

b. Deleting Tags
To delete a tag, click on Manage>Tags. Hover on the tag you wish to delete and click the delete icon.
Deleting a tag will delete the tags on all existing conversations where this particular tag has been used [use with care!].

c. Archiving Tags

Archiving tags in a shared mailbox can help you keep your mailbox organized and reduce clutter. Archiving a tag means that this tag will no longer appear in the dropdown list when you try to tag a conversation. However, older conversations to which this tag has already been applied will remain as is.

Click on Manage > Tags. Hover on the tag you wish to archive and click on the archive icon.

Archiving tags can be particularly useful if you have tags that are no longer relevant or if you want to reduce the number of tags in your inbox. By archiving tags, you can keep your inbox focused on the messages that are most important and relevant to your work.

Automating the addition of tags

Automating the addition of tags in Helpwise can help improve team efficiency, collaboration, and customer service. You can use rules to automatically tag conversations basis certain criteria. By using this automation, teams can reduce the time spent on organizing emails and gain valuable insights into their email communication.

Some possible use cases:
1. If someone sends you an email with the subject line "Internal Issue" you can create a rule to assign a tag "P1" denoting it as a priority 1.

 2. If someone sends you a WhatsApp message which has keywords such as 'price, 'cost' etc., you can create a rule to add the tag "Pricing Enquiry" and these conversations can also be auto-assigned to a particular member of the team who handles these queries.

3. If you want queries from certain contacts or groups of contacts to be auto-tagged

These automations can be done from Automation > Rules in the top navigation panel.

Report on Tags

Helpwise provides an in-built report on tags wherein you can track the number or % of conversations with a specific tag, response times by tags, and more. Tag reports in Helpwise can be incredibly useful for identifying trends in your conversations and making data-driven decisions to improve your processes.

To know more, book a demo at https://helpwise.io/demo
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