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Universal Inbox

Manage all customer communication channels from a single place.
Ankita Agarwal
Updated 1 year ago
What is a Universal Inbox?

A universal inbox is a all-in-one inbox that enables you to access your conversations on all channels from a single place. You can access emails, social media messages, Live chat messages and much more from a single dashboard.

This gives the flexibility to users to answer all incoming conversations directly from one screen instead of toggling between multiple screens.

Helpwise's Universal Inbox

Universal inbox is a must-have as it:

1. Decreases the response time
2. Streamlines all conversations from multiple inboxes into one inbox
3. Improves user efficiency Click Sl

How to configure Helpwise's universal inbox?
Helpwise's Universal Inbox allows users to customise their universal inbox by selecting the inboxes which they want to view in the universal inbox. The "Mine", "Mentions" and so on sub-sections of the 'Universal View' will show the customer conversations of the selected inboxes. 

Follow these steps to configure Helpwise's Universal Inbox
Step 1: Click the Select Inboxes or the plus icon near the inboxes header in the sidebar
Step 2: Pin the inboxes you want to view in the universal inbox.
Step 3: You are all set. Customer conversations of the pinned inboxes will show in the sub-sections of the 'Universal View'.

How to access the universal inbox?

Universal inbox is accessible with a single click. Just click on 'Universal Inbox' from the top navigation panel.

You can access all features of Helpwise such as saved replies, tags, snoozing and moving conversations on the universal inbox.

Universal Inbox settings
With the universal inbox settings you can define whether the ticket number of the conversation has to be shown, customize your inbox view and set default inbox.

Step 1 : Click on the profile icon at the right top corner.

Step 2 : From the list of options select > Account settings.

Step 3 : Select Universal inbox from the left sidebar.

Step 4 : Now you can set the following preferences.

Ticket number: You can choose whether to show the ticket number of the conversation or not.

Customize inbox view: You can choose the types of conversation you want to see in the different folders such as 'Mine', 'Mentions', 'All' etc.

Choose default inbox: You can choose the default inbox from which you want to send emails / SMS etc. while using the Universal inbox.

Start using Helpwise’s Universal inbox now and access all your conversations from a single place.

To know more, book a demo at https://helpwise.io/demo
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