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Twilio Numbers and SIDs

A user guide for authenticating Twilio with Helpwise.
Abhinash Daulaguphu
Updated 1 year ago


Helpwise supports calling and SMS functionality by integrating with Twilio. Setting up a Phone/SMS inbox in Helpwise requires an active Twilio number with voice/SMS capabilities.

Twilio is a cloud communication platform for building voice and messaging applications. Twilio provides its web service APIs programmatically develop services to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functionalities.

In this article, we will outline the necessary steps for Twilio Authentication with Helpwise.

Twilio Dashboard

  • Log into your Twilio Account
  • In the Dashboard, you will find the Account SID and Token which are required for authenticating Twilio with Helpwise
  • All the active phone number(s) associated with your Twilio Account will be shown in your dashboard
  • If there is no active phone number(s), you can add a new number by:
    Step 1: Navigate to Phone Numbers on the left panel
    Step 2: Expand Manage and Click on Buy Number
    Step 3: Buy a number based on your requirement
    💡Buying a toll-free number with Twilio. Learn more!

Note: All charges for calling and SMS limits are set by Twilio and users need to directly transact with Twilio for all the charges.

If you have any queries about setting up Phone/SMS inboxes using Twilio or anything around Helpwise, feel free to contact our live chat support or email at help@helpwise.io
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