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Asana Integration - Features and Setup

Collaborate seamlessly across your support, product and engineering teams with Asana x Helpwise integration.
Abhinash Daulaguphu
Updated 11 months ago
Asana X Helpwise integration allows users to bring tasks and conversations together in one place! Users can quickly create, link and view/update Asana tasks within Helpwise. Users can also add context by creating tasks with configurable custom fields.

What can you do with Asana X Helpwise Integration? 
1. Create Tasks: Created task(s) get linked to the particular Helpwise conversation and Contact.
2. Update Tasks: Edit existing tasks and add comments directly from Helpwise.
3. Link Existing Tasks to a conversation: Skim through existing tasks in the workspace and link them to the particular conversation.
4. Configure Custom Fields: Add additional context to your Asana Tasks. Custom fields can be configured from integration settings.
5. View your linked task in Asana: When you create or link a conversation to a task,  Helpwise Conversation and Contact details (email for email inbox, phone number for SMS, Whatsapp inbox) are added to the details of the task. 

How to Setup Asana X Helpwise Integration
Note: To enable Asana integration, you must have an Asana account where customized Helpwise fields such as Helpwise Contact and Conversation Link can be created. Customisable fields can be created for a single workspace in a trial/free Asana account and for all workspaces in paid Asana account.

Step 1: Go to the Automation menu and select Integrations.Step 2: Select Asana from the list of integrations and click on Connect.
Step 3: Authorize Helpwise to access your Asana Account by clicking Allow.
In case, you are not logged in to your Asana Account, then you first need to log in to your account and authorize the access request.
Step 4: Click Confirm on redirection allowing Helpwise to create custom fields namely Helpwise Conversation Link and Helpwise Contact which are used to link tasks with Helpwise.
Step 5: You're all set! Start using Asana from the integration panel on Helpwise.

Start using Asana x Helpwise integration to efficiently collaborate across your support, product and engineering teams!

If you have any queries about Asana x Helpwise integration or anything around Helpwise, feel free to contact our live chat support or email at 
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