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Data Migration from other platforms

Learn the basics of migrating data from various platforms to Helpwise.
Updated 2 months ago
You can migrate your data from other platforms like Helpscout, Front, etc. directly to Helpwise so that your previous data such as Tags, Notes, etc. are not lost.

What data do we import?
  • Helpscout, Front, Freshdesk, Zendesk, LiveAgent, and Groove – Mailboxes, team members, Notes, Contacts, and Tags.
  • Intercom - Messages, team members, Contacts, and Tags
How to migrate the data?
  1. Login to your Helpwise account.
  2. Click 'Manage' on the top navigation panel
  3. Select 'Import'

  4. List of all the softwares we support data migration from will come up
  5. Choose the software through which you want to import data. You will have to enter your credentials / API key to connect your account.
How to manage the transition from another platform to Helpwise?
Helpwise will only migrate the data up to the point where you initially started the data import. Hence, it is advisable that the team members are trained on Helpwise and ready to use it to ensure that most of the data is present on Helpwise when they start working on Helpwise.


  1. Which shared inboxes are supported for importing data currently? 
    We support importing data from Email Shared Inboxes only
    Exception - Live Chat for Intercom

  2. Is there any way to import inboxes other than email like SMS/Social media/WhatsApp?
    No, you can only get new messages after setting up the accounts. Previous messages will not be visible.

  3. How much time does it take to import the data?
    It can take up to 2 days to complete the migration, depending on the volume of data.

  4. In what order is the data migrated?
    Newest to oldest

  5. Is there any limit on the number of conversations that can be migrated?
    There is a cap of 50,000 conversations. In case your business requirement is high as per the count stated, you may reach out to us on chat or email at help@helpwise.io.

  6. Do team members need to be added to the Helpwise account before starting the migration process?
    No, we migrate team members as well from the above-mentioned CRMs. The team members also receive an invite to join Helpwise.
    Even if they do not accept the invite, the users will be created on Helpwise.

  7. What if I do not want to import all of my team members? 
    You can delete the team members post-migration.

  8. Does Helpwise continuously sync the data even during the migration process?
    No, it only migrates the data that was present in your previous inbox up until you started the migration. So it is advisable to set up the inbox properly and start using Helpwise once you have run the migration.

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