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Adding your team to Helpwise

Easy steps to add team members to Helpwise and manage their permissions.
Ankita Agarwal
Updated 10 months ago
  1. Go to Manage > Users from the top navigation panel

  2. Select "Add New"

  3. Put in their name and the Email ID

  4. Select the inboxes you want them to be able to access

  5. Select whether you want them to be an Admin or an agent. An admin has all the rights to the account except for the billing section (only the Account Owner can change the billing details). An Agent will get permissions as provided through the list below. An agent does not have the rights to create Rules, only Admins or Account Owners can do that.

  6. You are done! The team member will get an email with a link to sign up. They should not sign up separately, they should sign up using that link to get added to your account.

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