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Twilio versus 360 dialog for Whatsapp shared inbox setup

Understand the differences before setting up your Whatsapp shared inbox
Ankita Agarwal
Updated 8 months ago
When to choose Twilio over 360 dialog?
If you already have a Whatsapp enabled number on Twilio, it is easy to get started with the Twilio option.

How can you enable a Whatsapp shared inbox through 360 dialog?
  • You can use an existing personal Whatsapp number as a shared inbox
  • You can use Whatsapp business APIs to connect with 360 dialog for an existing Whatsapp Business Account
  • You can migrate a Whatsapp enabled number from any third party Business Service Provider (e.g. Messagebird, Haptic, Twilio, Conversocial etc.)
Advantages of 360 dialog
  • If you do not have an existing number with Twilio, 360 dialog is a much quicker option to get started. Getting a Whatsapp enabled number from Twilio can take up to 3-4 weeks
  • You can convert any existing Whatsapp number (personal, business, third party) to a shared inbox
  • The Facebook verification process is much quicker in 360 dialog and typically happens within 2-3 business days
  • You can create Whatsapp templates (HSM) from within Helpwise when using 360 dialog, the template is sent for approval automatically
Pricing of Twilio versus 360 dialog (updated as of Apr 2022)
In the table below, a “conversation” is defined as a 24 hour chat session with one user / customer. (For more details, refer A message refers to every single message sent or received to / from your customers.

Pricing360 dialogTwilio
Price per inbox or number
$15 per month
$15 one time charge only by Twilio
Price per conversation
As per Whatsapp policy. First 1000 conversations / month free
As per Whatsapp policy. First 1000 conversations / month free
Platform fee
$0$0.005 per message sent and received.
Handled byAll above charges are directly handled by Helpwise
All above charges are directly handled by Twilio
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