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Helpwise Files Management

Helpwise is an easy to use shared inbox and email collaboration software for teams to manage team email accounts like help@, sales@, etc. Get Shared Inbox for your team now!
Vibhor Agrawal
Updated 2 years ago

Helpwise files management allows you to manage your all files between all mailboxes. You can see your all email attachments in the file management page. You can search your files, filter files, mark important, bulk download from this files managements page.

For the file management page, you need to click the Manage button on the navbar.

helpwise file managements

After that, you will be redirected to the file management page, where you can see your all mailboxes files.

helpwise files page

You can alsoย schedule a free demo,ย to know more about Helpwise and Helpwise files managements.

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