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Create a Help Center in Helpwise

Quick steps to build a Help Center for resolving common queries quickly.
Vibhor Agrawal
Updated 1 year ago

A help center is a valuable resource that empowers users to find answers and resolve common issues independently. Setting up a help center in Helpwise effectively enhances customer support, reduces support ticket volume, and provides self-service options.

In this article, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up a help center to improve customer satisfaction and streamline support operations.

Step 1 :

Click on Manage > Help Center and select +Add Help Center.

Step 2 :

Fill in the Name of your help center in the Name field. It will automatically use it to fill the URL.

Note: You can change the URL per your wish.
Step 3 :

Click on "Setup Help Center" to create the Help Center.

Once you have created the Help Center, You can add more features by visiting Help Center settings. To learn more about these features, follow this guide: Features in Help Center.

You have now created your Help Center and it is also visible to your clients. 

How to set up Custom Domain?

You can enter the custom domain into your help center. To set up a custom CNAME record, follow the below steps:

  • Go to your DNS provider’s website (e.g. GoDaddy or Cloudflare).
  • Create a CNAME (‘canonical name’) record for your custom domain.
  • Point it at Helpwise’s host domain: site.helpwise.help

If you wish to learn more about Helpwise, schedule a free demo with our product experts from here – https://helpwise.io/demo.

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